NIPPON MICROMETAL CORPORATION provides Bonding wire and Micro solder ball.

Product information

New Generation Cu Wire EX

Advanced Cu Wire "EX"




Bonding wire is materials with Connectivity for semiconductor packaging conveys electrical signals to the outside of the semiconductor device.



Copper is much cheaper than Gold, so copper wires can realize huge cost saving for a semiconductor packaging company. On the other hand, there are many difficulties to adopt to copper wires for advanced packages. For example, the oxidation of copper material is inherent, so customers need to take care of stability of wege-bonding, shelf-life, and storage.
EX1 wire can resolve most of these issues and realize the use of copper wire for the advanced packages.

It's possible to use EX for fine applications.

EX1 use for Fine IC Package (EX1-18um)
EX1 use for Fine IC Package (EX1-18um)



EX1 provides customers with huge benefits.

1) Stability and Much better 2nd Bonderability.
2) Bonding operation requires only N2 gas.
3) Long winding length like gold wires.


Characteristics of EX

  Productivity Reliability Adoptive PKGs Initial Investment Price Total Value
Conventional Cu Wire
Au Wire ×

◎Excellent ○Good △Fair ×Not Good


  EX Conventional Cu
2nd Pull Strength 1.5~2times 1
Spool Life(air) >60days <7days
Spooled Length ~5,000m 5001,000m
Shield Gas N2+5%H2 , pure N2 N2+5%H2
Seeling Bag (for store) No Need Must


2nd Pull Strength &amp; shelf Life  /  Bonding Image (EX1-23um)
2nd Pull Strength & shelf Life / Bonding Image (EX1-23um)